Art-a-Whirl is coming

Art-a-Whirl is this weekend!

Friday, May 17: 5 pm – 10 pm

Saturday, May 18: 12 pm – 8 pm

Sunday, May 19: 12 pm – 5 pm

Brickmania will be hosting several artists and Pizza Luce will be serving on the premises, all in an area open freely to the public. GMLTC will also have a small shop set up in that area, where we’ll be selling minifigures, train ornaments, and a few old sets.

New this year: Paid admission to the remainder of the Brickmania space will get you access to the new military models and displays, a giant K’nex ball contraption (stretching the length of the big room – even bigger than it was in January), as well as the Train Room. (Friday night’s admission will raise funds for a local food shelf.)

In the Train Room, we will have Steve’s Target Field Platform display and our familiar 12-table GMLTC Train Layout #4 (with trains running), but we also have several new displays up. One leg of the new X-shaped GMLTC Train Layout #5 is partially built and will also be running trains. Jesse has built some classic superhero/comic book-inspired buildings (which may eventually find their way onto another leg of Train Layout #5) and we’ll also be displaying the working miniature GMLTC Train Layout built by Roger and Jesse for a recent building competition at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

As always, guest trains are very welcome! We should have room on both GMLTC Train Layouts to run guest trains this weekend – just ask one of us for assistance.

Our friends at TCLTC may have also been making some sneaky improvements to their train layout in the past few months, so we’re curious to see the changes too.

More information on admission and what’s going on at Brickmania and can be found at

Not sure how to find us?


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1 Response to Art-a-Whirl is coming

  1. Kathy & Conner says:

    It was great to see you guys !!!! Thank you for making Conner feel part of the club 😀😀

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