World War Brick Minneapolis

World War Brick Minneapolis is almost upon us.

Brickmania’s very own Lego® convention for military enthusiasts is this weekend, and we’ll have the Train Room open during the public events on Saturday and Sunday. This is an opportunity to see not just our trains in action, but also the many special military-themed creations of many dozens of other hobbyists.

Information on the event, including ticket prices and how to order advance tickets, can be found at Brickmania’s World War Brick Minneapolis website. Note: Weekend passes are more expensive but include all events of the convention. Public Day passes for Saturday or Sunday are cheaper and are what most GMLTC fans may be looking for.

The 12-table version of GMLTC Layout #4 is still going strong and is ready to run guest trains. Layout #5 is slowly growing and is also available to accommodate guest trains. Jesse’s superhero city is still up, and we have a few new surprises.

This might be your last chance to see us for a few months. Hope to see you this weekend!


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