BrickWorld Chicago 2022

Oh, it felt so good to be back together with a few thousand other LEGO fans!

We displayed our latest project, our first “5x” train layout. Everything built out of regular bricks, except up-sized to be five times bigger than the original models. We had lots of people stop and give us wonderful comments.

More pictures!

Each flower is about 5 inches tall. The tree is around 20 inches tall.

The original set was released in 1976. A simple crossing, with a sentry house and one of the original LEGO minfigures – before they had arms or faces. The pumper car we added, with Engineer Max and Engineer Maxine.

The original size, with our 5x version behind it.

The 5x pump car runs, but I need to upload the video to YouTube and link it from there:

If you want to build your own 5x flowers, here are the directions:

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  1. Roger Day GMLTC says:

    Nice instructions, J1!

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