April Open Houses

Some big changes around Brickmania the last few weeks!  As mentioned before, both train layouts have been moved into the smaller room to the East of the big room.  Brickmania needs more space for more displays, and for more employees.

We’ve reduced the size of our layout by removing four modules, so we’re down to 25 feet by 12 feet.  Those four modules will be taken apart over the next several weeks, the pieces washed & sorted, and we’ll start work on the next layout.  We’ve been discussing designs and ideas, we’re still up in the air, but that’s the way the GMLTC has pretty much always run!

In other big news, Brickmania is expanding the number of hours they will be open every month.  Starting Saturday, April 12th, they will be open every Saturday 10am – 4pm, and every Sunday noon – 4pm.  The Brickmania displays will be on display, the store will be open for your Brickmania and BrickArms purchases, the play area will be available, and the ‘private party’ space can be booked for your birthday party or other events. 

Note:  With these new extended Brickmania hours, the train club room may or may not be open those extra days.  We will of course be open the First Thursday (5pm – 9pm) and Second Saturday (10am – 4pm) each month, but those other days we can’t guarantee we’ll be on display.

April First Thursday is tomorrow, April 3rd!  Second Saturday is the 12th!  As always, bring your Lego train and you can run it on our layout!

We’re looking forward to Art-A-Whirl in May, too!

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