Thank you! And changes afoot…

We had a great turnout on Saturday, and we just wanted to thank everyone for your patience. Hopefully you had a lot of fun.

In the coming weeks, we have a lot of work to do. Both the GMLTC and TCLTC train club layouts will be moving into a new “Train Room” at Brickmania. We have been moving a lot of our “behind the scenes” stuff for weeks now, and now it’s time to start moving the trains. We hope to have things up and running in there in time for our regular April Open Houses.

The current GMLTC layout doesn’t fit the shape of the new Train Room, so we’re beginning to make plans to tear down layout version #4 and begin work on version #5. In the meantime, starting in April, we should have a transitional layout (utilizing a portion of the current layout #4) in place, so that we can keep some trains running while we begin the process of tearing down some parts of the layout, sorting out the bricks into our collection, and beginning to build components of the new layout. The exciting thing for you, our fans, is that you will now have more chances to see us hard at work doing what we love best – building with the bricks!


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