March Open Houses

Another month with the calendar quirk of the ‘First Thursday’ and ‘Second Saturday’ being two days apart.

‘First Thursday’ is March 6th, 5pm – 9pm.  ‘Second Saturday’ is March 8th, 10am – 4pm.  Many of the Brickmania folks will be in Portland, Oregon, this weekend, but their store will be open and the trains will be running.  You might hear some pounding and power tools from the other room, we’re still in the process of moving the club’s brick supply into a different room.  Soon both train layouts will be moving as well, but for this week we’re still in the big space.

Brickmania Toyworks is located about 100 yards West of Central Ave on 18th Ave in Nordeast Minneapolis, you can find more Open House information and directions here.  Please note:  It is much easier to find us if you come in off of 18th Ave, we have a door directly into the space.  If your gps takes you to the mailing address (1620 Central Ave), you might find those doors locked.

And as of ‘right now’ (Monday afternoon), the weather forecast is for upper 20s both Thursday and Saturday.  Hopefully some of the snowbanks on 18th Ave will start melting!

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