May Open Houses, and Art-A-Whirl

I had to get this up early, because the “First Thursday” in May is the 1st!  We’ll be open 5pm – 9pm.

“Second Saturday” is May 10th, we’ll be there 10am – 4pm.  As always, if you bring your Lego train we’ll pull ours off the track and run yours.

We’ve started the demolition / recycling of the four modules that we removed from the layout as we moved into the smaller room.  Where there was once modules, are now empty tables with lots of bricks to be cleaned and sorted.  It’s slow going, but it’s something we need to do before we start building layout #5.


Art-A-Whirl!!  May 16th – 18th!  Nordeast Minneapolis!  One of the largest ‘art crawls’ in the world, and a really great weekend to visit Brickmania.  There will be several artist vendors set up in the big room, pizza by the slice from Pizza Lucé, music, it’s just a really fun weekend.  Official hours are Friday 5pm – 10pm, Saturday noon – 8pm, Sunday noon – 5pm.  (Although things occasionally run later at Brickmania!)  Come on out, check out some of the really neat people creating neat things in the Thorp building and all throughout the neighborhood.

Finally, a reminder that Brickmania is now open every weekend, 10am – 4pm on Saturday, and noon – 4pm on Sunday.  The store will be open, the play area will be available, the big room displays will be displaying.  The smaller train club room may or may not be open to the public (depending on what we have in progress), so if you really want to see us come visit during one of our regularly scheduled open houses.

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