Special Events at Brickmania

Coming up this Saturday, November 22nd – come out and build LEGO mosaics of some Adam Turman prints.  This will be similar to some of the other group mosaic builds, like the ones at World War Brick or the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  It’s going to be a fun time, starting at 6pm and going until we’re done!  We’ll also be collecting food for a local food bank, so bring some goodies and help out those less fortunate.  (You’ll also earn a discount at the Brickmania store!)

In train news, the train room will be open five straight Saturdays, starting November 29th.  So the last Saturday in November, and all four Saturdays in December.  We know people like to come out and see us, so this will give more people a chance to do that.  When the kids are off of school and looking for something to do?  You know where to find us!

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November Open Houses

“First Thursday” (6th) and “Second Saturday” (8th) are both this week.  Weather forecast is for cool and blustery, but the Brickmania heat will be on so you can take off your coat and hang out with us for a while.

Trains will be running, the new layout from the Weisman will be on display, and of course if you bring your LEGO train we’ll pull one of ours off the tracks and let you run it on our layout.

We’re also trying to figure out what days we’ll be open between now and the end of the year, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know!

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October 24th at the Weisman Art Museum

The GMLTC and our friends of the TCLTC will be at the Weisman Art Museum tonight for an event called “Wanderlust” from 7pm – 10pm:


We will be displaying a new small train layout (that’s still a work in progress!) with some scenes inspired by the photographs of O. Winston Link – and some of those photographs are currently on display at the museum!

It’s a free event, come on out and see the layout, we’d love to see you there.

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Brickmania on WCCO TV

Matt Brickman (yes, that’s his real name!) from WCCO television stopped by Brickmania Tuesday morning, and did this story on Dan and Brickmania, with some nice shots of the train room as well:

Guest Pass: Brickmania

Thanks for stopping by, Matt!  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Reminder, the train room will be open for the Second Saturday on October 11th, 10am – 4pm.  I’m sure we’ll be busy, but that just makes it more fun!

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October, already?

Is it really October, already?  Where did the Summer go?

“First Thursday” is tomorrow, October 2nd.  Many of the Brickmania folks will be on their way to Virginia for an event there this weekend (along with the Peleliu diorama), but the train clubs will be there, now with three different train layouts in various stages of work.  We’re combining our efforts into building a new traveling display for a special event at the Weisman Art Museum, and then will be on display at the Jackson Street Roundhouse.

“Second Saturday” is October 11th.  I believe the Brickmania folks will be back, so it should be an especially busy day with lots to see and do.

As always, bring your Lego train and you can run it on the GMLTC layout!

Also, we’ll have the train room open a few extra days in December, stay tuned and we’ll post the days when we have them all figured out.

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September Open Houses

First Thursday was, well, last week.  This is what happens when I was fighting a cold and not running at anywhere close to 100%.  Word is there was a good crowd, so that’s good!

Second Saturday is the 13th.  Weather forecast is for very nice, it should be a great day to come out to Brickmania.  I’m sure we’ll have the windows and doors wide open, no need for the A/C this weekend.

And as always, bring your LEGO train to one of our Open House events and we’ll pull our trains off the tracks and let you run yours!

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August Open Houses

First Thursday is August 7th, Second Saturday is August 9th. Come on out and enjoy the air conditioned Brickmania space!  And as always, bring your Lego train to one of our Open House events, and we’ll pull our train off the tracks and let you run yours.

We’re still busy sorting the pieces from the first four modules we took apart from the current layout, and making plans for the next layout.  We’ve got a couple other big projects in the works, you’ll see more details when we’re ready to release them.

A special ‘Hello!’ to the folks we met at BrickFair Virginia last weekend.  Hope to see you again next year!

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July Second Saturday

Final update!  Train room will be open tomorrow!

A/C work inside the room is done, they still need to do some work on the roof but we’ll be able to have the layouts set up again.  We’ll be there bright and early tomorrow morning, setting up the layout and hopefully we’ll have everything up and running by 10am.

We’re looking forward to seeing you, and thanks for your patience!

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July Open Houses


First Thursday is July 3rd.  Train room will not be open for visitors on the 3rd.  The mechanical work being done in the room (Air Conditioner system being installed!) will have workers cutting holes in the roof of the room, so the layout needs to stay out of the way.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.  We fully believe that getting the Brickmania space air conditioned will be well worth the wait!

Second Saturday is July 12th, we believe everything will be back to ‘normal’ by then, regular hours, 10am – 4pm.

Special “Thanks” to everyone who visited during “World War Brick“, we met and talked with a bunch of really neat people.  Plans are already in motion for a west coast WWB in Anaheim in February, a few GMLTC people will probably be out there.  February in Southern California?  Sounds great!

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June news

“First Thursday” Open House is this week, June 5th, 5pm – 9pm.

“Second Saturday”, June 14th, will be an especially busy day for the GMLTC!  Some of us will be in Chicago for Brickworld, some of us will be at Brickmania for the Open House (10am – 4pm), and some of us will be at the new Target Field Station for the grand opening of the Green Line light rail!  We’ll have our model of the Target Field Northstar train and platform, Steve’s “Blue Line” (Hiawatha) light rail train, and maybe even a Green Line train as well.  We’re also working on a new holiday ornament with the Green Line livery, we’re packing them up soon and hope to be selling them on the 14th, both at Brickmania and at Target Field Station.  Hope to see you there, or there, or there!

Note for those of you driving to Brickmania:  Central Ave is now closed between 14th and 18th.  MNDOT and the BNSF are replacing the railroad bridge over Central Ave just south of the Thorp Building, they will have the road closed for several months.  If you’re used to driving up Central Ave from Broadway Ave or downtown Minneapolis, you’ll need to detour.  Good alternate routes on the weekend include University Ave, Monroe Street, or Johnson Street.

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