LEGO Masters, and Smithsonian Day 2020

Are you watching LEGO Masters on FOX? We sure are, and we’re enjoying it very much. Will Arnett is a fun host and Jamie and Amy are tough but fair judges.  Building something amazing with a short time limit is really challenging, and all the teams have done really great builds so far.

Would we love to be on the show?  Of course!  But in the mean time, we’re hanging out at the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum and building on the train layout and working on some new trains.

And, big news:  Saturday, April 4th is Smithsonian Museum Day at museums across the country.  You can sign up for FREE tickets at the Smithsonian Magazine website, including tickets to the TCMRM.  Last year we had a wonderfully crazy busy day at the museum, and we’re quite sure April 4th will be wonderfully crazy busy as well.

Come out and see us sometime!  We’d love to see you, and if you bring your LEGO train when a GMLTC club member is there we’ll let you run your train on our layout.

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