Our last Open House for 2016

Reminder that we’re having our last Open House for 2016 on Saturday, December 31st, 10am – 4pm.

After this Open House, we’re going to tear down layout #4, wash & sort the pieces, and continue work on layout #5 (and maybe layout 5.1?) So this will be your last chance ever to see layout #4, as we started building it in January of 2001 and we’re ready to work on a whole new layout.

Also this is our last Open House until December of 2017. Brickmania needs more office space as their business continues to grow, so the train clubs are moving out of the smaller room and into the bigger room. As part of that move, the monthly Open Houses will go on hiatus until next December.

Bring your Lego trains and run them on our layouts, as we want to see your trains!

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