Happy New Year, and big news from the Train Room

First, thanks to all who came out to see us in 2014, at Brickmania, at the Jackson Street Roundhouse, at the Weismann Art Museum, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts – we always enjoy seeing your reactions and talking to you.

January Open Houses!  Yes, the ‘First Thursday’ is New Year’s Day, and yes, we’ll be open.  We might even open a bit early (around 4pm), because why not?  Second Saturday is January 10th, we’ll be open the usual hours:  10am – 4pm.

And, the big, BIG news:  After the January 10th Open House, Brickmania will be stopping Open Houses for several months.  So we will be closed to the public, probably until “World War Brick” in June.  Why?  Well, our friends at Brickmania have some really big plans for the big display room in 2015, and quite frankly having that room open to the public every Saturday and Sunday is keeping those plans from happening.  Since Brickmania pays the lease, and we are there as their guests, when they ask us to do something our answer will always be “When would you like that done?”  They asked us to close, so we’re closing.  BUT, we will use the down time to start work on our brand new train layout, so when you come see us in June (or whenever we are open to the public again), you’ll see some new stuff and have a new place to run your Lego trains.

Stay tuned here, we’ll keep you updated as to what is happening in the train room, and fingers crossed when the weather starts getting nicer in the Spring we might open just our room some Saturday.

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