Looking forward to 2014

Just wanted to say a quick “Thank You!” to all the friends we’ve seen in 2013, and tell you how much we’re looking forward to 2014.  Thanks to everyone who came out to our Open Houses, thanks to everyone who brought ‘guest trains’ to run on our layout, thanks to all the people who just stare wide-eyed when they see the stuff we do, we’re grateful and we’ll continue doing it as long as we can.

Special shout-outs to a few friends:  Rob (and his family) from Brickstuff, makers of some pretty fun and powerful lighting kits.  Connor the Shay enthusiast, I promise I will get mine running someday (after much more redesign and rebuilding!)  The great people at the Jackson Street Roundhouse, who treat us like family.  The folks at Metro Transit who have taken a liking to the trains that Steve has built.  Our friends at LEGO, we’ll hang out with you anytime you let us.

And a huge “Thank You!” to Dan and the amazing folks from Brickmania, without their support and inspiration we wouldn’t be anywhere near what we are now.

As for 2014, our Open House schedule will continue to be the First Thursday of the month, 5pm – 9pm; and the Second Saturday of the month, 10am – 4pm.  We will also be doing a some special events, stay tuned here and we’ll let you know what’s coming up.

Out “plans” for 2014 include some major layout redesign and rebuilding.  So to those of you who ask if we glue anything, we always say “no, because we might take it apart someday” — it looks like 2014 will be that “someday”!  We’ll probably be starting that after our January Open Houses, so be prepared for some big big big changes on the GMLTC layout.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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