April Open Houses

Yes, plural!  This month is our first try at a second scheduled Open House.  As part of NEMAA’s “First Thursday“, we’ll be open from 5pm to 9pm this Thursday, April 4th.  We don’t know what to expect, we might see 10 people, we might see 200 people.  But for those of you who can’t make it to our usual Second Saturday of the Month Open House, this give you another opportunity to come check out Brickmania, the TCLTC, and the GMLTC.

And next Saturday (April 13th) is our usual Second Saturday of the Month, we’ll be open 10am to 4pm.  As always, bring your Lego train (on Thursday or Saturday!) and we’ll let you run it on our layout.

Quick note, Jeannine and Crazy for Hue will not be there this weekend, but she’s planning on being back in May.

Don’t forget Art-A-Whirl in May, and World War Brick in June!

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