Big weekend coming up, June 8th – 10th!

This is a big weekend for LEGO fans here in the Twin Cities!

At the Mall of America, there will be several special LEGO themed events, in honor of the Mall turning 20 years old later this summer. Help build a huge display model! Displays by LEGO fans from around the area! Not one but *two* master model builders! Some super-secret surprises! It’s going to be a great time, and most of the GMLTC will be at the mall sometime during the weekend to help out.

AND, we’re having our first “second Saturday of the month” open house in our new and amazing Brickmania space on Saturday the 9th! We’re looking forward to watching people’s reactions as they see the space for the first time. Our usual hours, 10am – 4pm, and as always, bring your LEGO train and we’ll let you run it on the GMLTC layout.

See you Saturday!

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