Next Brickmania Open House: February 11!

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On February 11, Brickmania Toyworks will open our doors to the public for a free open house from 10 AM to 4 PM. The open house features two large, running LEGO® train displays and an always changing selection of guest displays. We also have a play area with bricks for building, a race car ramp, and other creative activities depending on volunteers.

The Brickmania Toyworks is located in a repurposed warehouse the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis arts district. In addition to being the headquarters for Brickmania LLC (a company specializing on creating custom kits made from LEGO® bricks) we are also the permanent host for the displays of the Greater Midwest Lego® Train Club and Twin Cities Lego® Train Club.

Our free open house usually takes place on the second Saturday of each month. However, Brickmania will be relocating to a new space this spring and we will not have our open house during the months of April and May 2012. If you can not attend the February 11th or March 10th open houses, please mark your calendar for our grand reopening on June  9th (in a much bigger space about 150 feet down the hall from our current location).

Brickmania Toyworks
1620 Central Ave NE, Ste 177
Minneapolis, MN 55413

We are in a very large building and we recommend checking the directions located HERE.


About Dan

I am the founder of Brickmania LLC, a company that specializing in releasing unique custom Lego kits. I am also a member of the Greater Midwest Lego Train Club.
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1 Response to Next Brickmania Open House: February 11!

  1. Ramona Settergren says:

    This is a great display, enjoyed by kids and adults – needs to be seen to be appreciated or imagined.

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